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Enterprise Wide PCB Design

CR 5000CR-5000 and the CR-8000 are Zuken’s printed circuit board (PCB) and advanced packaging layout suite of customizable tools aimed at the Enterprise market. Incorporating the latest technology requirements (embedded components, RF Design & Design re-use) within a constrained design process methodology, they offers maximum benefit for customers whose key requirements include high-speed digital design, miniaturization and time to mass production.

In conjunction with its “constrained design process methodology”  CR-5000/CR-8000’s integrated “Design for Manufacturability” methodologies help assure not only that the design is right the first time, but that it is manufacturable the first time and operates reliably every time.


  • CR-5000 Library Tools
    The use of common library data throughout the whole design cycle is an essential element of the CR-5000 constraints-driven, right-by-construction methodology. The libraries are easily searchable and editable. In addition, tools are provided for fast and easy component creation
  • CR-5000 System Designer
    System Designer is the design creation part of Zuken’s CR-5000, enterprise-wide design solution for the development of advanced electronic products. System Designer is a graphical tool for design capture and analysis. It supports a wide range of graphical and textual design entry methods and is suited to digital, analog and mixed signal circuit design at both system and PCB level. The tool is tightly linked to synthesis, simulation, timing analysis, verification, and debugging throughout the design process. The design entry methodology has been developed to reduce design time, minimize product cost and size, and improve product quality.
  • CR-5000 Board Designer
    Zuken’s CR-5000 Board Designer provides an intuitive, integrated environment for designing PCBs, BGAs and MCMs. It serves to guide the user, via a common user interface, by combining schematic capture, floorplanning, placement and routing, analysis and into manufacturing. It operates seamlessly across Unix and Windows platforms combining the functionality of a high-end tool with ease of use. While rules are constant throughout the design process, they are dynamically linked to ensure flexibility and consistency
  • CR-5000 Board Producer
    Supporting the latest in manufacturing technologies, Board Producer features tight integration with layout systems and CAM functions. It incorporates a range of tools for silkscreen design, solder resist design, paste stencil design, a variety of plotting functions and a full suite of CAM tools.
  • CR-5000 Advanced Design Rules Check For Manufacturability (ADM)
    ADM enables constant checks for manufacturability against manufacturer’s constraints during the design process. ADM reduces the number of design iterations, ensuring Right-First-Time Design, reduces costs and resources and improves the quality of the final product.
  • CR-5000 Lightning – High-Speed Design Solution (Optional)
    CR-5000 Lightning introduces a completely new and unique technology, and is Zuken’s greatest technical innovation since the launch of the enterprise wide PCB design solution, CR-5000. This fully combines PCB designs and simulation for fast and efficient design that enables users to solve high-speed design issues early in the process, reducing board development time by weeks. This fully integrated design environment into CR-5000 Board Designer and CR-5000 System Designer ensures a fully adopted front-loading approach, allowing users to share information through a unified database directly within the high-speed design environment. In-depth analysis and what-if capabilities available throughout the design process enable engineers to explore design scenarios, trading off signal integrity parameters such as crosstalk, timing or EMI requirements, against mechanical and thermal constraints.
    CR-5000 Lightning is built upon five key concepts, combining unique technology for effective handling of complex design information, constraint and analysis engine unification, process orientation and frontloaded verification.


cr-8000 zukenZuken’s CR-8000 is the most advanced PCB design platform in the industry with architecture design and verification, multi-board PCB layout with MCAD integration, SI/PI analysis, and chip/package/board co-design.  CR-8000 is for your most challenging PCB subsystem designs.
  • PCB subsystem architecture design
  • Partition complex systems into multiple connected PCBs
  • Manage IC, package and PCB in one single environment
  • Control releases, revisions and configurations with integrated data management


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